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Spectators Info for the Marathon

Where to watch the Race

With 26.2 miles to choose from, there are plenty of options for watching this great race.

The obvious starting point is Rock Park! This is the start and finish and has a great selection of entertainment and activities including free bouncy castles and assault courses. There's also great food stalls, a beer tent, a cake and coffee stall and live commentary on the race as the runners finish.

The Square in Barnstaple will also be good. You'll get to see the marathoners 4 times at the Square, as they leave for the first half, as they turn the Strand to head out for the second lap. And finally as the race towards the finish in the park.

Fremington Quay will be ideal too. Children's Hospice South West are manning the water station and providing entertainment. The cafe will be open serving great food and ice creams. The runners will pass by at mile 3 and 9 so 2 opportunities to see them. Be aware that the road to and from Fremington Quay will be shut from 10.15 until 10.45am, no traffic will be allowed up or down it to safeguard the runners.

Fremington Green

The water station at Fremington Green is a great place to watch the race, there is free parking in the village and after the runners have passed through at mile 4, you can walk down through the woods to the Tarka trail to watch them pass by at mile 9. If you're quick you can then dash back to Rock Park to watch the half marathoners finish.

Yelland Quay (The Old Power Station) A cool place to watch the race, there's entertainment and by this point the runners will be chugging along nicely. There's loads of parking, plenty of space to view the race and for the half marathoners it's pretty much the half way point.

The Strand/Civic Centre Car Park, a highlight of the race, as the runners charge down the traffic free Strand. The half marathoners will turn around Bridge Buildings whilst the full marathoners head down the Strand to the Civic centre car aprk and water station. Loads of parking in town, plenty of space to watch the race and you're right in town too. Why not visit Tea on the Taw for a fabulous piece of cake!

Chivenor Roundabout

Macmillan Cancer Care are manning the water station at the roundabout, this will be a great place to be. Plenty of parking and the chance to see the runners at mile 18 and 22. Watch as people really hit the wall around mile 22 and start to struggle. This is where they need your support more than ever.

Tarka Trail

The Tarka Trail is one of North Devon's most precious assets. However on race day it will the stomping ground of 600 tired runners. We respectively request that all walkers and spectators keep the path clear,keep dogs on leads and offer whole hearted support to the runners. if you're on bikes, please pull over to let runners pass and please understand that this race is just one Sunday out of 52. Please be patient and understand that the marathon is a special event for North devon, we welcome your support.