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Results: The Isle of Jura Fell Race

Crossed the border for this classic fell run on the Isle of Jura 28km (17miles) 7 mountain summits (including the Paps of Jura) 2370m (7775 feet) of climbing . A tough course with steep open fell climbs and descents on scree requiring sound foot placement .An intense race with all the climbing coming in the first 13 miles ,then 1 1/2 off over boggy fell where a misjudged bog left me waist deep in bog water,,boy are you glad you strapped your trainers on tight as i sucked myself out ,then under the bridge onto the road for the 3 miles back to finish.A time for inward self reflection on whats just gone before, and beginning to savour the taste of whiskey & beer in my dry mouth.

Stephen Lysaczenko 05.56.56