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NDDR Beginners Course | January 2017


There will be two meetings (not runs) in January for anyone interested in the 10 week beginners course. These are to outline the course and for any questions anyone might have. The meetings will be on Tues 3rd Jan.17 and Thurs 12th Jan.17 starting at 7:30 pm at the Tarka Tennis Centre.


The actual 10 week course will be starting on Tues 17th Jan. 17 starting at 7 pm at Tarka Tennis and will last approx 45 mins.


By the end of the course you should be able to run for 30 minutes (about 2.5 - 3 miles)

The course involves running and walking. The initial sessions will start with walking as the major contingent, while gradually increasing the running component as the sessions progress.

You will need to wear suitable clothing and shoes that will allow you run and walk comfortably for about half an hour. You will need to be in good health and we recommend having a medical check-up with your doctor. You must be 18 years old or over.

After the third week, we would expect you to join the running club to continue the course.

See our members page for details regarding membership. Annual membership starts at £21.50


Thursday Coaching Sessions | 10 weeks

Coaching January 2017

  1. 5th Jan - THE NEW YEAR indoor BLEEP TEST! - Carol and Tim 
  2. 12th Jan - Indoor Circuit - Barbara and Ruth
  3. 19th Jan - Asda Pyramid - Bryan
  4. 26th Jan - FULL efforts! - Jeff and Ruth
  5. 2nd Feb - To be confirmed 
  6. 9th Feb - Asda Pyramid- Bryan
  7. 16th Feb - To be confirmed 
  8. 23rd Feb - Hills - Jeff and Ruth
  9. 2nd March - Chichester Close - Bryan 
  10. 9th March - Long Efforts - Barbara 
  11. 16th March - To be confirmed 
  12. 23rd March - surprise session - Jeff and Ruth


Location Tarka Tennis Centre

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